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Updated 05/13/2022


This feature was built for I-9 compliance purposes.

This function will purge employees I-9 documents that are 3 years old or 1 year after employment, whichever is later. This ensures that only employees who have not worked in over a year will have their documents deleted.

Please be aware that the date ranges are based on Week Worked.


Access the tool




The following updates should be made to the 1-9 Purge logic.

  1. Never dispose of a current employee’s Form I-9; you must keep it for as long as the employee works for you.
  2. When an employee stops working, that is when the calculation for retention comes into play.
  3. 3 years after the date of hire or one year after the date employment ends, whichever is later.
    1. This ensures that only employees who have not worked in over a year will have their documents deleted.  

  4. Definition of hire date: Use first date of employment on the form.
  • If they worked for less than two years, retain their form for three years after the date you entered in the First Day of Employment field.
  • If they worked for more than two years, retain their form for one year after the date they stop working for you.

Note: The select boxes have been removed as the logic will do both to return the items that qualify to be purged.




Access the tool

The tool deletes (purges) the desired I-9 Documents (from Employee > Certifications). The results of the purge will be displayed in the Purge Log list. The list shows a count of individual employees that had their I-9 Document purged, not details.

  1. Click on the Admin Tools button


  2. Double click on Data Management


  3. The Avionté Data Management screen will appear.
  4. Select a Supplier from the drop-down list.


  5. Click on the Purge button


  6. You will receive a message that the I9 Purge was successful as well as the number of documents purged.
  7. Click on the OK button


  8. The Supplier and Purge information will be in the I9 Purge Log list.





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