Front-End Implementation for Invoice and Paycheck Correction (PA/GP Sales Tax corrections)

A user processing payroll with a GP (Gross Profit) calculated sales tax is able to make corrections to an existing Invoice where GP will be recalculated.


Under the Invoice view, select the Action "Paycheck and Invoice Correction."



The Invoice Correction window features the following elements:

  • Column titled "Select"
  • Ability to Select all transactions or Select transactions individually
  • Column titled "Paycheck Correction Type" with radio buttons; "Void", "Reverse";
    "Paycheck Correction Type" radio buttons are only active once "Select" is clicked.
  • Informational columns: paycheck number, on_multiple_invoices flag (true/false)
  •  Cancel and Process Corrections buttons exist at the bottom.

The Process Correction button is not active until a user selects at least one transaction to correct. After a user selects at least one transaction, the Process Correction button will be active.


After clicking the Process Corrections button:

  • The system creates and closes Two Time Entry batches that add and negate the original transactions.
  • The system creates and closes two payrolls to account for the add and negate transactionsIf a user selects to Void AND Reverse a batch, two separate Pay batches are required (1= Void, 2= Reverse)
  • The system creates and closes two Billing batches that add and negate the transactions.


Users should then move through the following workflow:

  • Make adjustments/changes in Time Entry to the new transactions
  • Close the Time Entry batch
  • Complete Pay
  • Complete Bill
  • Merge invoice (if needed)


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