Mass Void Payments in Paychecks

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The screenshot below will illustrate how to process a mass void within the application. A search on the NAME “higher” was done to pull a couple of different employees. In addition, you can filter on any field in the field chooser to do a mass void. For example, if you want to mass void an entire batch id you can. Notice that the check records are selected below in the SELECT column using an X.




The following dialog box will open after selecting ACTIONS > MASS VOID and the check records will appear that you selected in the previous screen. The accounting period will automatically populate along with the run type of CHECK VOID. You will be required to enter in a CHECK DATE. Ensure you at least have that date land in the current quarter of all the records you are voiding. If they vary, then divide up your mass void into different runs.




Once you review the check records to validate the check date used, hit FINISH and the confirmation dialogue box will appear below which completes the process of a mass void.




The last screenshot shows the results of the mass void. The records that say VOIDED represent the initial check that the employee received. The records that say VOIDING are the counterpart negative offset of the original check.





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