Standard AQ - CARES Act PPP Loan FTE Count AQ

Report Description

Provides FTE count specifically for the CARES Act PPP loan forgiveness application






Parameter Name




 All available branches

Select Branch to further filter results

Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Check Date, Week Worked


Start Date



End Date



Customer Name

% for all

Enter in Customer Name to further filter results

Customer ID

% for all

Enter in Customer ID to further filter results

Cash Comp Transaction Type

All available transaction types

Recommend leaving to ALL or filtering for specifically those transaction types as required by PPP reporting.

FTE Simplified Method

Yes or No

SBA offers an alternative method for calculating FTE called the Simplified Method.  Determine if you are going to use this method. 

Include W2 Only

Yes or No                                                                                         

Select Yes to exclude any non-W2 employees



Report Fields

This will pull for employees in the US only, per SBA rules. If the employee record has no addresses in the US, they will not be included on the AQ results. 

Field Name


Employee Name

Employee name

Employee Identifier

Employee ID from Avionte

 On Assignment

Will be checked if the employee is on assignment.

Will not be checked if the employee is not on assignment


Employee branch

Cash Compensation

Pulls the income of the transaction types selected, within the date range entered in parameters

If the date range entered is 8 weeks or less, then Cash Compensation is capped at $15,835.  If the date range entered is more than 8 weeks, the cap is $46,154.

Total Hours

This will pull Reg, OT, DT, Salary Weekly, Salary Bi-Weekly, Salary Semi-Monthly and any other transaction types where property IncludeinOtherHours = True


If using Salary, the hours will be calculated using the UnittoHours multiplier on the transaction type.

Average Hours

The AQ logic is as follows:

  • Will count the number of days between the start date and end date you enter in the parameters.
  • After counting the days, it will divide by 7 (days in a week) to come to the number of weeks in your date range. 
  • Takes the total hours and divides by the number of weeks. 

Average FTE

If simplified method = Yes, then if 40 avg hours or more then will be 1 FTE.  If less than 40 avg hours, then .5 FTE.

Last 4 SSN

last 4 digits of the employees SSN



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