Standard Report - I9 Audit Trail (CLASSIC EDocuments)

Report Description

In the event of an audit trail request from a government agency, I-9 audit trail data points within a specific date range can be accessed from the Reports > I-9 Audit Trail Report View.  The report will gather all use instances of the I-9 and organize an audit trail report for export. 





Parameter Name



Start Date

Calendar Selection

Start date of date range (to capture Audit)

End Date

Calendar Selection

End date of date range (to capture Audit)

Date Type

Edoc Completed Date, Check Date

EEs with Completed I-9 or I-9 Status at Check Date


All Active Branches

Search All or Specified Branches


Employee SSN

% = All, xxx-xx-xxxx = Specific EE

Incl. Only I9 with Add'l Info?

True, False

Section 2 - Additional Information Has a Value Entered



Report Fields


Field Name


Employee Name

Employee's First and Last Name

Employee ID

Employee ID

Primary Contact Method

Preferred Contact: Phone or Email

Edocument Type

I-9 Form


Login, Initiation of the Form I-9 & Association of the Form I-9 for an Employee, Employee Attestation, Employee Personal Information Input, Employee Signature, Employee Signature Date, Input of A or B & C Document(s)


System User


Entered Value on I-9

Date Stamp

Time/Date Stamp of Action


Audit Trail Data Points

1. Login
2. Initiation of the Form I-9 and Association of the Form I-9 for an Employee
3. Employee Personal Information Input
3. Employee Personal Information Input
First Name
Last Name
Middle Initial
Other Last Names Used
Apt. Number
City or Town
Zip Code
Date of Birth
U.S. Social Security Number
Employee's E-mail Address
Employee's Telephone Number
4. Employee Attestation
A citizen of the United States
A noncitizen national of the United States
A lawful permanent resident
An alien authorized to work
Alien Registration Number/USCIS Number:
Form I-94 Admission Number:
Foreign Passport Number:
Country of Issuance:
6. Employee Signature
7. Employee Signature Date
8. Preparer/Translator Certification
9. Input of A or B and C Document(s)
Document A Title
Document A Authority
Document A Number
Document A Expiration Date
Document A Title 2
Document A Authority 2
Document A Number 2
Document A Expiration Date 2
Document A Title 3
Document A Authority 3
Document A Number 3
Document A Expiration Date 3
Document B Title
Document B Authority
Document B Number
Document B Expiration Date
Document C Title
Document C Authority
Document C Number
Document C Expiration Date
10. Employer Signature
Employer Signature
Employer's Last Name
Employer's First Name
11. Employer Signature Date
12. Additional Information


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