Equipment and Transactional Deduction Import


Prior to attempting the import, data must be formatted according to the appropriate spreadsheet download template available at the bottom of this article: Equipment and Transactional Deduction Import.

In addition, users must have permission to be able to import Equipment and Transactional Deduction. Access to these imports is granted in Admin Tools > Report > Advanced Query by checking the box(s) under User.





Transaction Type

You’ll also need to make sure that the transaction type is configured to be able to import.

  1. Click on the Admin Tools button


  2. Double Click on Transaction Type

  3. Click on the Add New button.


  4. Enter the Name of the transaction.
  5. Enter a brief description in the Description field.
  6. Click Is Equipment checkbox.
  7. Click Allow Multiple Entry checkbox (if you allow multiple entries of the same transaction).
  8. Select Deduction Category from the drop-down.
    1. This is usually listed as an Expense
  9. Select all Branches that this transaction applies to.
  10. Click on the Save button


    1. For intergraded customers, right after you create the new transaction, the Synced to Front Office box becomes editable. Click the box if you want to sync the new transaction to front office.



Import Process

Occasionally, Avionté clients will want to import equipment and transactional deductions for their employees. In such cases, the process for Equipment and Transactional Deduction Imports should be followed.

  1. Click on Import Export
  2. Click on the Import Export Batch Wizard.


  3. Enter a name in the Batch Name field.
  4. From the Mapping Group drop-down,
    1. Select Equipment and Transactional Deduction Import.
  5. The Processing Method drop-down should auto populate with Equipment and Transactional Deduction Import,
    1. If not, select Equipment and Transactional Deduction Import from the dropdown
  6. In the File field, browse and upload the spreadsheet to be imported.
  7. From the WorkSheet drop-down, select the correct worksheet.
    1. This is usually Sheet1$
  8. Check the checkbox for WorkSheet Contains Column Names In First Row, if column names in the first row.
  9. Click on the Finish button


  10. Click on the Process Import Export Batch button.


Note: If you receive errors, once you have corrected the issues, the following steps will help you proceed.

  1. Click on the Process Import Export Batch button.
  2. Wait for a message stating "The import batch has been processed successfully" to appear.
  3. Click on the OK button.



Required Fields for Import

Below is a list of the required fields for Importing:

* Required Field


Field Name Description
AssignmentID * Enter the assignment ID that applies
EquipmentIssueDate * Enter the date the equipment was issued
AccountingPeriodDate * Enter the Accounting Period Date you want the entries to be applied to
TransactionType * Enter the Transaction Type that applies

Enter the Equipment Tag


Enter 1 if its equipment has being issued, 0 if it has not


Enter 1 if it’s a refund, 0 if it is not


Enter 1 if it is a customer credit, 0 if it is not


Enter 1 if the equipment is owned by the customer, 0 if it is not


Enter the return date if the equipment

DeductionAmount *

Enter the deduction amount. If a positive value is entered, this will reduce the net pay, if a negative value is entered, this will add to the net pay



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