Sick Leave (Accrual) Canada Overview


Updated 05/23/2022


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Employees may need to take sick leave, which is an unforeseen absence from work, to take care of their personal health. Employers may grant the employee a number of sick leave days for this purpose. Currently, there are no federal requirements for paid sick leave, however, some states, counties, and cities have enacted legislation requiring that employers provide their employees with a number of sick days that accrue over time.


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This article provides an overview of sick leave accrual plans as they're used and set up in Avionté. The links and webinars below, as well as the attached PDF, provide further details.


Accruals by Location
Simplified Sick Leave Plans



Many Sick and Safe Time laws vary depending on business size.  Avionté's sick leave accruals are set to the highest rate.


All of Avionté’s sick leave accruals display fractions of hours as they are earned.

Avionté’s standard sick leave accruals for cities will map to the city listed on the employee’s assignment work-site address.

Avionté’s standard sick leave accruals do not automatically apply to employees working in any of the qualified jurisdictions.

Avionté’s standard sick leave accruals do not automatically zero-out an employee’s balance after they expire nor do they reinstate hours after an employee is hired.

Information may vary per State. Please consult your local, state, federal laws and/or legal counsel to ensure full compliance.



Accruals by Location

British Columbia Sick Leave_BC Initial balance of 40 hours, five paid sick days per year. This is a bank plan that cannot accrue. To be eligible, employees must be covered by British Columbia’s Employment Standards Act, and they must have worked for their employers for a minimum of 90 days.



Simplified Sick Leave Plans


  Location Accrual Plan Effective Date Hours to Accrue 1 hour Days before Use Gap Days Max Hours Use in 1 yr Max Accrual Balance Yearly Limit Allowed Carry Over Hours
  British Columbia Sick Leave_BC 1/1/2022 N/A 90   40   40 40





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