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Updated 03/22/2022


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Accruals by Location
Simplified Sick Leave Plans



Accruals by Location

Where Accrual/Bank Plan Summary Notes
British Columbia British Columbia COVID-19 Leave (Bank)

Initial Balance of 24 hours, 0 carryover, max hours to use is 24.

Effective May 20, 2021, you can take up to 3 paid sick days if you need to stay home because of COVID-19.


On a temporary basis, employers are now required to provide up to three days of COVID-related paid sick leave to employees. To support businesses struggling with the pandemic, employers are being reimbursed up to $200/day/worker. This temporary measure is in place until December 31, 2021

Ontario Ontario COVID-19 Leave (Bank)

Initial Balance 24, 0 carry over, max hours to use 40 hours.

On April 29, 2021, the Ontario government introduced and passed new legislation, Bill 284, COVID-19 Putting Workers First Act, 2021 (the Bill) requiring employers to provide employees with three days of paid leave if they are absent from work for reasons related to COVID-19.

- The WIPB provides for employees to receive up to $200 a day for a maximum of three days of leave

- The WIPB would apply to leaves taken between April 19, 2021 and September 25, 2021



Simplified Sick Leave Plans

  Location Accrual Plan Effective Date Hours to Accrue 1 hour Days before Use Gap Days Max Hours Use in 1 yr Max Accrual Balance Yearly Limit Allowed Carry Over Hours



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