Experian Tax Credits Integration in AviontéCLASSIC


Experian’s exclusive Staffing Industry WOTC program provides a customized offering specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our staffing clients.  This includes streamlined integrations, industry-specific reporting, and dedicated service resources, all in place to provide a best-in-class staffing industry WOTC experience.

The Experian Tax Credits integration with AviontéCLASSIC allows you to present their tax credit questionnaire to your talent through the Applicant Portal, and view the tax credit status directly in Classic.





  1. Integration Features
  2. Integration Setup
  3. Integration Usage
  4. Managing Tax Credit Survey Results


1. Integration Features

· Tax credit questionnaire presented to talent within the Avionte Applicant Portal

· In-app visibility of the tax credit status and estimated tax credit amount on the Employee > Detail page

· In-app visibility of the tax credit status on the Employee > Search page

· Ability to search for talent based on their tax credit status

· Data files are automatically sent to Experian on a weekly basis

· Avionte is sending 4 years' worth of historical data to Experian in order to support a wider range of tax credit programs

2. Integration Setup

There are two configuration pieces of the integration:
(1) setup for the tax credit questionnaire and
(2) setup for the tax credit data feeds.  

Note: The enablement of the data feeds can only be done by Avionté.

Outside of the data feed enablement, the integration configuration is done in Admin Tools and the Admin Portal.

Admin Tools Configuration

From the Start Page of Avionte, click on the Admin Tools shortcut and then click on Config Option.



Click on the Config Option By FKName tab and filter for "Experian" in the Property filter field.






ExperianSurveyRequired [Yes/No]


Talent will be required to complete the Experian tax credit survey in order to complete their online application.


Talent will be able to skip past the Experian tax credit survey and complete their online application.

Experian Account Number

Provided by Experian

Supplier level credential provided by Experian that is used for the automated data feeds.  The credential should only be configured for suppliers that should have data sent to Experian.  Leave the value empty to have the automated data feeds ignore a specific supplier.

Experian Partner Account Code

Provided by Experian

System level credential provided by Experian that is used for the survey integration.


Provided by Avionte

URL stored in AMP (with the / at the end removed)

Example value: https://abc.aviontego.com/api


Provided by Avionte

URL stored in AMP (with "/portals" added at the end)

Example value: https://abc.aviontego.com/portals//portals


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Admin Portal Configuration

Once the Experian config options are configured within Admin Tools, the Experian Tax Credits applicant portal page needs to be made visible from the Admin Portal.

  1. From the Admin Portal home page, select Applicant from the Portal dropdown and select Applicant Portal from the Menu dropdown
  2. Click the View link for the Experian Tax Credit page


  3. Select the Is Visible checkbox

  4. Select the branches the page should be visible for2.png

  5. Click Update

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3. Integration Usage

The talent is presented with the Experian Tax Credits survey through the applicant portal.

Applicant Portal Talent Experience

Upon opening the Experian Tax Credit page on the applicant portal, the first set of questions is presented to the talent.  


The talent needs to select either Yes or No for each question in order to proceed to the next step.  Based on how the talent answers the questions, they may or may not have more questions to answer.


Some questions may require text or dropdown selection answers.


Once all questions have been answered, the talent will be presented with a final acknowledgment page.


After the talent clicks Submit form on the Experian acknowledgment page, the talent will be able to click Next on the applicant portal to proceed to the next step in their application.



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4. Managing Tax Credit Survey Results

There are a few tools within Classic that you can use to help review survey results. This will help you identify en masse talent who are qualified for tax credits, etc.

Employee > Details Screen

Once the talent completes the Experian tax credit survey, their tax credit status and potential tax credit amount can be found on the Employee > Details page.


Talent Search Terms - Tax Credit Status

There are a few ways to identify a talent's tax credit status while performing talent searches.

Employee Search Screen

The Employee > Search results screen has a column labeled "Tax Credit Qualified." 

    • If the talent completed the Experian Tax Credit survey and is qualified or pre-qualified for tax credits, the checkbox will be checked.
    • If the talent hasn't completed the Experian Tax Credit survey yet, or had but isn't qualified for tax credits, the checkbox will be unchecked.


Advanced Search

You can search for talent based on their tax credit status.  The talent search results screen will return talent records that have tax credit status that matches the selected search term.


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