Employee Payroll Tax - US Withholding Type


Updated 09/19/2022



Employee Payroll - US Withholding Type (Nonresident Alien)


Employers with workers classified as Non-Resident Aliens may now configure an employee's tax setup to indicate Non-Resident Alien US Withholding Type for payroll tax withholding calculation purposes. 

  1. Expand the Payroll option in the Employee sub-menu and select the Tax  
    1. Tax Setup (default)
  2. Navigate to US Withholding Type drop-down menu.
    1. Citizen or Resident (default)

  3. Select Nonresident Alien and SAVE for withholding table type to change for employees whom have indicated on their federal W-4 form they are to be classified as a Nonresident Alien.


Additionally, clients utilizing AviontéClassic edocuments, will not be required to manually adjust the US Withholding Type for Nonresident Alien employees.


Once Non-Resident Alien is selected on the standard W4 Form and completed, it will automatically map back into back-office and adjust the default withholding type to the new selection.





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