Standard AQ - Workers Comp Detail AQ

Report Description

This report displays list of the Worker Comp Codes.






Parameter Name Options Description
Supplier Name All available Suppliers Use this filter to refine Suppliers of WC Code
Start Date   Use this filter to refine WC Code Rate's Start Date and End Date
End Date  



Report Fields

Field Name Description
SupplierName WC Code's Supplier
WorkerCompCode Worker Comp Code
State WC Code's State
WCCodeDescription WC Code's Description
Processing Method WC Code's Processing Method
CountryCode WC Code's Country Code
RatePercent WC Code's Rate Percent
CostPercent WC Code's Cost Percent
LNIEEPercent WC Code's LNIEE Percent
LNIERPercent WC Code's LNIER Percent
StartDate WC Code's Start Date
EndDate WC Code's End Date
DateEntered WC Code's Date Entered
EnteredBy WC Code's Entered User



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