Arizona Withholding


The Employee > Payroll > Tax module has been updated to support the below percentages.


Rates in Avionte are as follows: 

    • .5%
    • 1.0%
    • 1.5%
    • 2.0%
    • 2.5%
    • 3.0%
    • 3.5%


The default rate will be set at 2%. This will apply to employees who do not submit a form.


Setting up the EmployeePayroll > Tax


Links to Arizona Dept. Of Revenue Information


Setting up the Employee Payroll Tax

In AviontéCLASSIC, the Arizona Withholding option is tracked in EmployeePayroll > Tax.

  1. Go to the Start Page > select Employee.

  2. Search for and select an employee who matches the Arizona Withholding criteria.

  3. Double-click the Employee Name. The Employee Summary appears.


  4. Scroll down to the Payroll menu; open it by clicking on the "+".

  5. Click Tax.


  6. The screen displays tax details for the employee. If AZ WH already exists, select the Filing Status drop-down menu. Here the new tax rates appear.

  7. Tab off the field to save the changes.
  8. Add additional withholding if applicable.

  9. Repeat for all affected employees.

  10. Run Payroll.

Links to Arizona DOR Information

The following are links to the official Arizona Department of Revenue state website that will tell you more about these updates.

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Arizona’s Employees Have New Tax Withholding Options | Arizona Department of Revenue


Arizona Withholding Percentage Election | Arizona Department of Revenue

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