Config Option - GridColumnsToHide

The GridColumnsToHide property provides the option to display or hide grid columns throughout the application. If a grid column name (e.g. SSN, Invoice Amount) or column name keyword (e.g. pay, bill) are added in the ConfigOptionValue field, then those columns will not appear in the grid. When entering more than one value, separate them with a comma and no space (ex. - pay,bill,check).


To hide the majority of columns with a specific word, but keep some columns visible (i.e. hide all columns with the word "check", but still make the "Check Deliver" column visible), see the Config Option - GridColumnsNotToHide article.

Note: This only affects grids throughout Avionté, not standard displayed fields (i.e. fields that display in summary windows). Information hidden from a grid display (e.g. Employee > Dates, Employee > Work History, etc.) will still be visible in a page view. 



Property location: Config Option > User > User_UserSetting
Default: blank
Valid values: Names of column headers in Avionté or words that are included in column headers (e.g. pay, bill, etc.)
Where the setting is reflected... These columns will not be visible in the grid.


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