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Updated 06/23/2021


Tasks can be created from the Tasks section of the Navigation Bar as well as during the process of creating a message.

  1. Click the Tasks menu bar in the Avionté menu panel.

  2. Click New Task (upper-right corner of the Tasks tab). The Task window appears.

  3. Enter the Subject of the task, and optionally a Location that pertains to the task.

  4. In the Date group box:

    • Set the Start Date and Due Dates by clicking the respective down arrow and choosing the date from the Calendar picker. The default value for each option is the current date.

    • In the Action Type drop-down, select the type of action that applies to the task.

    • Unless the task is already complete, leave the Complete checkbox unchecked. You can come back to this screen later and check Complete when the task is finished.

    • If you want this task to also be applied in Outlook as a task, check the Add to Outlook checkbox.

  5. In the Message Link group box:

    • Select an entity to attach this task to from the Attach To drop-down list.

    • Based on the Attach To selection, select a Search Type, then in the Search Text box, enter a full or partial value to search on and press Enter to display results in the Search Result field.

  6. The Attached To group box displays a list of the entities to which the task has been attached. If you wish to remove the task as an attachment from an entity, right-click the entity and choose Remove Link.
    Note: The originator of the task will always remain attached to the appointment.

  7. In the lower area of the window, enter any additional information regarding the task in the free text area.

  8. When finished setting up the task, click Save & Close.



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