Config Option - ShowBackgroundCheckActionRequiredNotifications


Updated 08/20/2021


The ShowBackgroundCheckActionRequiredNotifications is a Config Option property that determines whether an alert will appear in the lower left corner of the application when a background check needs review:  The alert shows the number of background checks with a status of Action Required.


To reduce the number showed in the alert, first click on the alert to open the background check Screening window. Filter to show background checks with the status Action Required. Click View next to the background check, and confirm that the background check is complete. Then click Action Required. The status will change to Completed.



ShowBackgroundCheckActionRequiredNotifications properties

Admin Tools location: Config Choice > User
Default False
Valid values: True: Alerts will appear for background checks needing review.
False: Alerts will not appear for background checks needing review.
Where the setting is reflected... Background Checks



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