Config Option - EmployeeEdocumentDisableList


Updated 08/06/2021


The EmployeeEdocumentDisableList property controls whether a user can edit or delete particular eDocuments. If one or more eDocuments are specified in this property, the user will be not be allowed to edit or remove these particular eDocuments. The user can add a blank eDocument, and disabled eDocuments will appear to the user, but they will be disabled, preventing the user from viewing, editing, or deleting the document(s) of the specified type(s).



EmployeeEdocumentDisableList properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > User > User_UserSetting
Default: Null
Valid values: The system name for any valid eDocument (use comma to delimit multiple values).
Note: The system name often differs from the displayed name and can be found in the Admin portal.
Where the setting is reflected... Employee section: EDocuments sub-tab on the Documents tab

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