Config Option - AllowEditDHOrderBillingInfo


Updated 08/06/2021


In the core application, the AllowEditDHOrderBillingInfo property controls whether users can edit Rate, Accounting Period Date, Start Date, Fee Percent, and Salary. The Edit Rate button is available in DH Order>>Candidate>>Billing Info section where users can edit rate, unless it has already been processed through a closed time entry batch or if the transaction has been processed and posted through Billing.


The AllowEditDHOrderBillingInfo config option also enables the ability to cancel the placement of a candidate to an Order in Aero.



AllowEditDHOrderBillingInfo properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > User > User_UserSetting
Default: False
Valid values: True: Allows users to edit Rate, Accounting Period Date, Start Date, Fee Percent and Salary.
False: Users are not allowed to edit Rate, Accounting Period, Start Date, Fee Percent and Salary. A message displays stating “You do not have permission to edit the DH Order Billing info” upon clicking Edit Rate button.
Where the setting is reflected... The DH Order>>Candidate>>Billing Info>>Edit Rate section.


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