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Updated 08/04/2021


The ShowBranchFromAllSupplier property specifies if all branches from a supplier will be visible when making a selection on an entity that belongs to a supplier that also has it set to 'True.'



ShowBranchFromAllSupplier properties

Property location: Config Option > Supplier > EmployerSetting
Default: False
Valid values: True: The application displays all the branches from all suppliers with a similar True setting.*
False: The application displays only the branches from the current supplier you have access to, and excludes the suppliers branches from other supplier's dropdowns.
Where the setting is reflected... This is reflected in most of the branch dropdowns in the application, such as employee detail, customer detail etc.

*This is a "True to True" relationship, meaning that the entity's supplier AND the other suppliers must have this set to True to view those branches.



Potential Updating Effect

When this config option is set to True, the application displays all branches from all suppliers.
From there, Employee/Customer/Order/Contact/Assignment/Agency branches can be updated across different suppliers. It is important that all related data that is based on the supplier is updated/added.

A review of the following is recommended:

Employee deductions, Employee Accrual, Employee Benefit for new Supplier need to be added.

In Order Options: Customer Wc Code, Customer Wc Code in Job Position need to be updated.

Order Wc Code needs to be updated.
If a PO number is being used from PO Management, the PO number should be updated as well.


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