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Updated 08/04/2021


The RoundTimeEntryAtDailyLevel property determines whether to round transactions at a daily level or on a weekly level. The point at which the rates are rounded can affect the total values at the end of the week. The examples below illustrate that there can be a difference in the final total, in this case, two cents.

Example: RoundTimeEntryAtDailyLevel set to True (rounded daily)
  • Rate = $10.21/hour
  • 8.5 hours per day
  • Daily bill rate = $86.785, rounded to $86.79/day
  • Weekly bill rate total ($86.79 x 5) = $433.95

Example: RoundTimeEntryAtDailyLevel set to False (rounded at end of week)
  • Rate = $10.21/hour
  • 8.5 hours per day
  • Daily bill rate = $86.785
  • Weekly bill rate total ($86.785 x 5) = $433.925, rounded to $433.93



RoundTimeEntryAtDailyLevel properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > Supplier > EmployerSetting
Default: False
Valid values: True: When calculating the total pay and bill amounts, the bill hours are rounded on a daily level (daily units x rate then sum).
False: Bill hours are rounded on a weekly level (week's total units x rate).
Where the setting is reflected... Time Entry


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