Config Option - RequireEmployeeBankAccountNumberConfirmation


Updated 08/04/2021


The RequireEmployeeBankAccountNumberConfirmation property controls whether a confirmation of the employee's bank account number is required when creating or editing a bank direct deposit entry. When enabled, a confirmation window appears when an existing direct deposit bank account number is edited, or upon creation of a new direct deposit. The user will need to confirm that the current bank account number is correct by entering the number. If the numbers do not match, an error message will appear indicating the numbers do not match and must be re-entered again.



RequireEmployeeBankAccountNumberConfirmation properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > Supplier > EmployerSetting
Default: False
Valid values: True: Displays the confirmation window when creating a bank direct deposit or editing the account number of an existing bank direct deposit.
False: No confirmation window is displayed.
Where the setting is reflected... The Direct Deposit tab of the Employee > Payroll section.


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