Add an Announcement


Updated 06/24/2021



  1. Navigate to Start Page > Admin Tools > Announcement

  2. Click Add New. The Announcement Details section in the lower-left of the window will clear. 

  3. Enter an announcement subject in the Subject field. 

  4. Enter the message in the Announcement field. 

  5. Select the priority of the message in the Priority drop-down menu
  • Note: The priority determines the order the announcement will be displayed on the Start Page. 

  • Select the date the announcement will first be displayed in the Announcement Date date picker.

  • Select the date the announcement will expire in the Expiration Date date picker. 

  • Select the posting user. This will be displayed in the Message From section on the Start Page. 

  • Select the group(s) the announcement applies to.

  • Vendor
  • Employee
  • Internal
  • Customer

  • Select the branch(es) in which the announcement will be displayed. 

  • Click Save to record the announcement. 


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