Config Option - wkl_ResetACHOrPosipay


Updated 08/20/2021


The User Type config option wkl_ResetACHOrPosipay controls the visibility of the Weekly Process Actions Menu item Reset ACH/PosiPay.

Note: This config option must be marked as active or inactive through the Config Option by Property section.


When resetting an ACH file, if Prenote Dates are entered, it will now reset the Prenote Date as well.



wkl_ResetACHOrPosipay properties

Property location: Config Option > User > wkl_ResetACHOrPosipay
Default Active (marked)
Valid Values Active (Marked): Reset ACH/PosiPay appears in the Weekly Process Actions Menu.
Inactive (Unmarked): Reset ACH/PosiPay does not appear in the Weekly Process Actions Menu.
Where the setting is reflected... Weekly Process Actions Menu



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