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The Red Dial drop-down menu, located in the upper left corner of the Avionté core application, provides users with a simplified way to view specific settings and change the appearance/color scheme of the core application.

To access the features contained in this menu:
  1. Navigate to the Start Page 
  2. Select the small red circle next to the Avionté logo in the top left to access the drop-down menu.

  3. Select View to access the preferences and settings sub-menu.
  4. Select Style to access the sub-menu options to change the appearance of the core application.
  5. Select About to access information about the specific version of Avionté you are using. 
    Note: The "About" option is only available in the red dial drop-down menu in Avionté versions 15.2 and above. In all previous versions, this information is displayed in the bottom panel of the application.



The "View" sub-menu allows users to easily access to system wide settings and preferences.

Option Description
Counter List Opens a new window with a list of all available counters. Place a check mark in the box under "View" next to counter type. The selected counters will appear on the Start Page. For more information on counters, see View Counter List.
Branch Settings Opens a new window with a list of all available and selected branches. Also includes the option to set a default branch. For more information, see Actions Menu - Branch Settings.
Grid Preference Opens a new window with a list of the grid preferences. This is a list of past search parameters. For more information on how to use grids, see Navigation - Grids and Forms.
Grid preferences can also be deleted from this window by placing a checkmark in the box next to the preference and clicking Delete Selected.
Note: Using grid preferences will bring up saved search results and excludes records that do not meet those parameters. Clear the grid preferences to resolve issues with viewing the search results grid(s).
Chart Preference

Opens a new window with a list of charts that have been modified.

To return the charts to their default settings, place a checkmark in the box next to the chart and click Delete Selected.

For more information on setting chart preferences, see Navigation - Vertical Panels - Configuration.

Refresh Settings Refreshes the application.
Documentation Opens the Avionté Support Center Knowledge Base.



Avionté allows users to choose from several color schemes to personalize how they see the application. The style that the individual user chooses only pertains to that user. It does not affect how others see Avionté.
Style Name Colors Example
Claymation Gray, White
default Dark Gray, White

Harvest Blue, White

Obsidian Black, Green, White

Office2007Black Dark Gray, Blue, Orange, White

Office2007Blue Gray, Blue, Orange, White

Office2007Silver Gray, Light Blue, Orange, White

Office2010Black Black, Gray, White
Office2010Blue Light Blue, Blue, White

Office2010Silver Gray, Light Gray, White

Peach Peach, Light Pink, White

RadioFlyer Red, Gray, White

RubberBlack Black, Dark Gray, White

summerBreez Bright Blue, Light Blue, White

TrendyFlat Green, Bight Blue, White

Vista Gray, Light Blue, White

VS2008 Bright Blue, Light Blue, Gray, White

VS2010 Dark Blue, Bright Blue, Yellow, White

About (Versions 15.2 +)

Versions prior to the 15.2 release feature user information along the bottom panel of the core application including a support code and the environment being displayed. The Support Code and Environment indication are useful to the Avionté Support Department for troubleshooting procedures. 

While the 15.2 release still features some user information along the bottom panel including version number, user name, current date, and current time...

...a variety of application information, including the support code and environment is now available in the new About option found in the "red dial" drop-down menu in the upper-left hand corner of the application. The About option also provides database and hosting information.

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