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Create an Appointment

In the Calendar section of Avionte you create, edit, and view appointments. If you have used appointments in Outlook, you will find that appointments in Avionte are used in much the same manner.

To create an appointment:
  1. Click the Calendar menu bar in the Avionté menu panel. The Calendar view appears. In the left panel, the current month appears with the current date highlighted. To the right, the current day is displayed.

  2. You can switch to a weekly view or monthly view by clicking the Week or Month buttons, and if necessary, use the left/right arrow keys to move ahead or back in time to find the date for the appointment to create.

  3. Double-click the date or time for the appointment. Appointment window appears.

  4. Enter the Subject of the appointment, and optionally the Location of the appointment.

  5. Set the Start Time and End Times by clicking the respective down arrow and choosing the date from the Calendar picker, and set the times by choosing the time from the drop-down lists. The available times are listed in half hour increments.
    Note: If the appointment is for the entire day, click the All day event checkbox.

  6. In the Action Type drop-down, select the type of action that applies to the appointment.

  7. In the lower area of the window, enter any additional information regarding the appointment in the free text area.

  8. In the Message Link group box:

    • Select the entity to which to attach from the Attach To drop-down list.

    • Based on the Attach To selection, select a Search Type, then in the Search Text box, enter a full or partial value to search on and press Enter to display results in the Search Result field.

  9. The Attached To group box displays a list of the entities to which the appointment has been attached. If you wish to remove the appointment as an attachment from an entity, right-click the entity and choose Remove Link.
    Note: The originator of the appointment will always remain attached to the appointment.

  10. When finished setting up the appointment, click Save & Close.

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