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Updated 06/23/2021


In the Task section of Avionté you create, edit, and view tasks. If you have used tasks in Outlook, you will find that tasks in Avionte are used in much the same manner.



Tasks view

The Tasks view can be arranged in a number of ways so as to allow users the ability to focus on the most pertinent information to them at a given time.


Current view

The Current View group of the Tasks window allows users to sort the types of tasks that are displayed.


The criteria by which users can sort are:

  • All Tasks: View all tasks.

  • Today's Tasks: View only tasks scheduled for the current date.

  • Completed Tasks: View only tasks that have been finished.

  • Future Tasks: View only tasks that are to be completed at a later date.

  • Overdue Tasks: View only tasks that were scheduled to be completed prior to the current date.

  • Due Tasks until Today: View uncompleted tasks that are due on, or before, the current date.

Tasks that meet the criteria selected in the Current view will be displayed in the grid at the top of the screen. To edit a particular entry in the grid double-click the row it is in. For more information on how to add and edit tasks click here.



Task Detail

The Task Detail group displays additional information about the task highlighted in the grid on the top half of the window. Clicking on different entries from the grid will populate Task Detail with item specific data drawn from the highlighted task. The information expressed by the Task Detail group is:
  • Subject: Displays the topic of the task as well as the message entered on the Task window when the task was entered or edited.

  • Start time: The time the task is set to begin.

  • Due date: The date when the task needs to be completed by.

  • Complete: Indicates if the task has been finished. This field can be edited from the Task window. For more information click here.

  • Created by: Indicates the author of the task.



Task messages

Messages pertaining to particular tasks can be viewed at the bottom of the Tasks window. This information is categorized into various tabs at the bottom of the grid.

Recent messages

The Recent messages tab features messages created in other sections of Avionté such as Employee, Customer, and Order.

Information on the Recent messages tab can be sorted by:

  • Action Type

  • Subject

  • Message

  • Date

  • User Name

  • Employee



Contact Method

The Contact Method tab displays the primary way to contact the entities associated with the message. The associated entities, and their corresponding contact methods, can be cycled through from the list in the Task Detail group, directly above and toward the right of the task messages.


The criteria on this tab is sorted into the following columns:

  • Type: The kind of contact method being made available (i.e., phone, email, etc.)

  • Value: The specific contact information (i.e., digits for phone numbers, addresses for email, etc.)

  • Primary: Indicates whether or not this is the main method of contact for this entity.



Related Contacts

The Related Contacts tab catalogs contacts that are tied to the entity highlighted in the Task Detail group.


The criteria on this tab is sorted into the following columns:

  • Name: Contact's name.

  • Title: Contact's professional title.

  • Branch: Contact's branch.

  • Phone No: Contact's phone number.



Link Message

The Link Message tab allows users to attach messages to other aspects of the system (i.e., employees, orders, paychecks, etc.) The fields in Link Message tab are:

  • Attach To

  • Search Type

  • Search Text

  • Search Result


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