Config Option - PrintGridLayoutToLandscape


Updated 08/20/2021


The PrintGridLayoutToLandscape property sets the user's print orientation for Print Search Results found in various sections of the application.



PrintGridLayoutToLandscape properties

Property location: Config Option > User > User_UserSetting
Default: True
Valid values: True: Sets print search results orientation to landscape.
False: Sets print search results orientation to portrait.
Where the setting is reflected... Agency Search, APBill Search, Invoice Search, Time Entry Sheet, Applicant, Payroll Checks, Quick Place, Advance Search, Assignment Search, Contact Search, Customer Search, Employee Search, Favorite Detail, Favorites Home, OrderSearch_DH, OrderSearch_Temp, OrderCandidate_Temp, OrderCandidate_DH, RosterHome, AdvancedQuery, Reports, TaskPane, UnemploymentSearch, WcClaimSearch


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