Config Option - ViewPartialApplicants


Updated 08/05/2021


The ViewPartialApplicants is a Config Option property that controls if applicants who began an application but did not finish will be viewable in the core application.
Note: Changing this setting does not change past data, but will affect subsequent applicants.



ViewPartialApplicants properties

Property location: Config Option > Supplier > EmployerSetting
Default: False
Valid values: True: Web applicants show in the core application as soon as they pass ~Portals/Applicant/CheckBeforeApply.aspx.
False: Web applicants show in the core application only if they pass ~Portals/Applicant/Submit.aspx.
Where the setting is reflected... Avionté core application. Multiple applications can show from one applicant, depending on how many times they started the application prior to submission.



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