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Updated 08/04/2021


The SSNInReport property determines how much of the Social Security Number is displayed in several (but not all) reports that include SSNs.



SSNInReport properties

Property location: Config Option > Supplier > EmployerSetting
Default: 9
Valid values: 4, 6, 9: 4: Social Security Numbers in reports will show as xxx-xx-1234.
6: Social Security Numbers in the same reports will show as xxx-12-3456.
9: The full Social Security Number is displayed.
Where the setting is reflected...

Here is a list of standard reports that use Config Option "SSNInReport":



401K Census AQ
Accrual Balance As of Today
Accrual History
Check Register AQ
Cleared Paychecks By Date
Comprehensive Assignment AQ
Comprehensive Employee AQ
Daily Hours
Employee Benefit
Employee Deduction/Contribution List
Employee Direct Deposit
Employee Overview AQ
Employee Pay Detail Per Pay Code
Employee Tax Info
Employee Tax AQ
Future Payroll/Billing AQ
Customer Attendance Roster
Working Employees with no I9
Get Employee Fed W2
Get Employee Local W2
Get Employee State W2
Integrated Front Office Time Sheet Details
Employee Missing Certification
Employee Missing Requirement
Get PA EIT details
Get PA Employees missing Resident PSD Code
Get Employee SUI Wage Details
Worker Comp Cost AQ
Oregon Statewide Transit Tax AQ
Processed Transaction Detail
Processed Transaction Summary
Processed Transaction Summary CA
State Saves_Employee Contribution File
State Saves_Employee List AQ
Taxes Summary AQ
Unemployment AQ
Accrued hours AQ
Active Assignment
Workers Comp Claim Detail
Certified Payroll
New Hire
Employee Original Online Application
Payment Register
Wage Statement
Wage Statement_CA
Worker Comp Cost



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