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Updated 08/04/2021


The PrenoteApprovalDay property, when generating ACH, determines how far forward to set the Employee's Bank's Prenote Approval Date. Prenote Sent Date is set to the current date and Prenote Approve Date is set to current date plus the value (number of days) of this property.

If the pre-note is not required for the staffing company, then the current date populates on the Pre-note Send Date and Approved Date fields. Otherwise, if the Pre-Note is required, these fields appear blank. When the ACH is generated next time, those pre notes will be included in the ACH and sent to the bank. The pre note sent date is updated with the date the ACH was generated, and the pre note approved "dateis" updated with the current date plus the number of days specified in this Config Option, PrenoteApprovalDay.



PrenoteApprovalDay properties

Property location: Config Option > Supplier > EmployerSetting
Default: 0
Valid values: Numeric value in days.
Where the setting is reflected... Generating ACH



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