Config Option - CanadaProvincesRequiringDaysWorked


Updated 08/03/2021


The CanadaProvincesRequiringDaysWorked property defines the list of provinces that require the tracking of the number of days worked for determining which employees are eligible for statutory holiday pay. If your site is using this config option, check for the latest Canadian province rules regarding statutory holiday pay to determine what values to enter for this option. When set up and the total number of days for an employee is not entered, a DRM is displayed upon time entry batch verification.


CanadaProvincesRequiringDaysWorked properties

Property location: Config Option > Supplier > >EmployerSetting
Default: Null (blank value)
Valid values: Comma-delimited list of abbreviations for Canadian provinces. These are:
  • AB - Alberta
  • BC - British Columbia
  • MB - Manitoba
  • NB - New Brunswick
  • NL - Newfoundland and Labrador
  • NS - Nova Scotia
  • ON - Ontario
  • PE - Prince Edward Island
  • QC - Quebec
  • SK - Saskatchewan
Where the setting is reflected... Time Entry


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