Config Option - MergeInvoice&AttachmentPDF


Updated 08/03/2021


The MergeInvoice&AttachmentPDF property allows for an invoice to be merged with an attached time card in PDF format.



Additional Configurations

  • To support this option, the Show Time Card option in the Billing Setup section must be set to Yes.

  • The config option PDFReaderPath must be defined in User > User_UserSetting in Admin Tools.


MergeInvoice&AttachmentPDF properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > Supplier > EmployerSetting
Default: False
Valid values: True: The invoice is merged with the attached time card in PDF format when viewed from Preview Invoice of the Billing and Invoice sections, and when sending the email from the Invoice section.
  False: The invoice is displayed in Report Viewer only, and the attached time card is also not visible.
Where the setting is reflected... Previewing invoices in the Billing and Invoice sections, and in emails sent to customers.





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