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Vertical panels are displayed to the right side of the center panel. They contain information that is relative to the work that is currently being performed in the center panel. A description of the use of vertical panels follows.

In the sections of Avionté that include vertical panels, there are three panels that display at a time. At the bottom of the panels, you will notice a set of two tabs. By clicking on the second tab, you can view an additional three panels, for a total of up to six panels to view.


To change the panels that display:
  1. Right-click on a panel. All available panels that pertain to the current activity display in the context menu.

  2. Select another panel from the list. The panel you select replaces the previously-displayed panel.


Configure Visibility of Vertical Panels

Vertical panels can be configured by the Avionté administrator to display or be hidden by user.
  1. In Admin Tools, choose Dynamic Panel. The Dynamic Panel window appears. The Dynamic Panel window allows you to configure both the vertical and horizontal panels that appear throughout Avionté. 

  2. To view just the vertical panels, enter the word vertical in the Style filter text box.
  3. Locate and select the vertical panel in the list.
  4. Click the Panel User And Property tab in the lower-left area of the window.
  5. To change the current visibility of the panel for a user or group, select the user/group in the Panel User group box.
  6. In the Is Visible column, check or uncheck the checkbox to set the visibility.
  7. Repeat these steps as needed, then when finished, click Save.



Configure Panel Settings

Certain chart properties can be set on vertical panels in the User category. The following charts that display in panels can be modified:
  • Total Bill Hours YTD
  • Total Sales YTD
  • Total Gross Profit YTD
To modify these charts:
  1. Follow the same instructions as above to view the Dynamic panel window.
  2. Filter the list by User in the Category column, and Vertical in the Style column. 

  3. Find and select one of the three charts listed above.
  4. Notice in the Panel Detail tab in the lower-left portion of the window that the Chart Settings XML pane appears.
  5. Just to the right of the text box, click the [...] button (see example above). The Admin Chart Settings window appears. A preview of the chart according to its current settings appears, along with a list of Property Settings. 

  6. Although it is recommended that you work with Avionte to modify the chart, you can edit the settings as you see fit, especially if you or someone at your site is familiar with creating charts in Microsoft Excel.
  7. If a custom XML file has been created to display the chart, you can load that file by clicking the Load Preset XML File button and browsing to and selecting that file. The XML will appear in the Chart Settings XML text box as mentioned earlier, where it can be viewed and modified, if necessary.


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