Canadian Minimum Wage

Current minimum wage across Canada

Province Minimum Wage Notes Effective Date
Federal $17.30 The federal minimum wage may increase to account for inflation. Increases to the federal minimum wage are based on Canada's Consumer Price Index for the previous calendar year, as published by Statistics Canada. 04/01/24
Alberta $15.00 The current general minimum wage rate in Alberta is $15.00 per hour, as per the Employment Standards Code. 10/01/18
British Columbia $16.75 On June 1st, 2023, the minimum wage will increase to $16.75. 06/01/23
Manitoba $15.30 On October 1st, 2023, the minimum wage will increase to $15.30. 10/1/23
Newfoundland & Labrador $15.00 The minimum wage increased by 50 cents to $15.00 per hour effective October 1, 2023. 10/01/23
Northwest Territories $16.05

On September 1, 2023, the minimum wage will increase to $16.05 per hour. 09/01/23
Nova Scotia $15.20

Beginning April 1, 2025, the minimum wage rate will be adjusted with inflation plus an additional 1% annually.

Nunavut $19.00

The Government of Nunavut is increasing the territorial minimum wage from $16.00 to $19.00 per hour effective January 1, 2024.

Ontario $16.55 Will increase to $17.20/hr on Oct 1, 2024  10/01/23
Prince Edward Island $15.40 Will increase to $16/hr on Oct 1, 2024  04/01/24
Québec $15.75 Will increase to $15.75/hr on May 1, 2024  5/01/24
Saskatchewan $14.00 On October 1, 2024, the minimum wage in Saskatchewan will increase to $15 per hour. 10/01/23
Yukon $17.59 The minimum wage increases every year on April 1. This annual increase is tied to inflation, calculated using the Consumer Price Index (CPI). 04/01/24


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