Net to Gross bulk Transactions Import

Import transactions instead of selecting specific employees from the Mass Actions menu.


Import permission

Navigate to Admin Tools > System > Config Option > Config Option by FKName > under property search for AllowMassNetToGross > highlight the option

Information on the Import permission



Import File

There are 3 required fields to import the CSV file.

  • Assignment ID
  • Week Worked
  • Net Amount
    • Numeric field that can only be a positive value

Note: Once the file is imported, the Net Pay can still be edited.



Import Process

  1. Go go the Back Office > Time Entry section
  2. Select an Accounting Period
  3. Click on the Show SheetView button

  4. Click on Actions
  5. Click on Mass Update

  6. CLick the Choose Action Type drop down: Net to Gross
  7. Click on the Net to Gross Tab

  8. Click on the Import CSV button
  9. Select the CSV file to import
    1. Go to the section on required fields

  10. Enter information into the following fields:
    1. Net Pay: Enter the amount to be paid
    2. Bank: Select the bank to pay with
    3. Transaction Type: Select the desired type of transaction
    4. Pay Units: Change the Pay Units if desired
  11. Click on the Calculate Net To Gross button 

  12. Click on the Finish button



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