Upload Large Batch Files for Processing

To activate the feature, please submit a support ticket.

  • Ability (behind a feature flag) to process up to 20,000 transactions.
  • New Payment Batch Summary screen Status: Processing
    • To show that the batch is actively being processed
  • New Payment Batch Summary screen Percent Complete field
  • Pagination on the Payroll > Transactions and Payroll > Checks screens, to show 500 records at a time
  • Same filter options as before
  • Ability to process 500 or more transactions while still being able to work in the Classic application on other screens, instead of having to wait for the process to complete

The current Payroll Batch process does not change for the User, just how the system processes it.



Large Payroll Batch Processing
Error Handling



Large Payroll Batch Processing

The processing a Payroll Batch will remain the same. When this feature is on, and the Payroll Batch exceeds 500 transactions, the system moves payroll processing from the application to the cloud to accommodate a significantly larger number of transactions [exceeding 500 transactions].

This will automatically queue batches so that when processing a large number of transactions, the user can continue to utilize the Classic application for other activities.

  1. Once the Payroll Batch transactions have been selected, the User will select Process as before.

  2. The User will receive the notification that the transactions have been successfully queued.

  3. The processing a Payroll Batch will be the same, however, when there are over 500 transactions in the Payment Batch Summary Section there is:
    1. A new Status of Processing
      1. This is used to show the files are being processed
    2. A new field of Percent Complete:
      1. This will show 0.00% until it starts processing and then the percent will change.

  4. If the transactions exceed 500, while the batch is processing, you can navigate throughout the Classic Application, while the batch processing continues behind the scenes.
    1. If 500 records or less, then you must wait while the system processes the files.
  5. Once the batch processing it is indicated on the Search and home screens.

  6. The User that created the Batch, is also notified via email of the completion of the batch, or notification of an error batch being created.

  7. This Batch can now be posted.



Handling Errors

If during the processing of the Payroll Batch, there are errors on some of the transactions, the system will split the errors to a new Batch. This allows Users to continue with completing the processing of the non-errored transactions, allowing the user to independently address the transactions with errors.

  1. The Description field will display a message about the Batch # with an error.

  2. The User can open the Error Batch and review the Error and Warnings

  3. Once the errors are corrected, or approved, since the check already exists, the user does not need to be re-processed; just continue the current process of Payment Print.

  4. If the Payroll Batch has completed successfully, and the User tries to re-process the batch, this message will display notifying the User.




Pagination allows the User to tab by pages of 500 items rather than scrolling through a large amount of data to get the last page of the items.

This happens in 2 areas of Payroll:

  1. Payroll > Transactions

  2. Payroll > Checks



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