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Updated 06/24/2021


In the event a specific amount is desired on a paycheck, changing a time entry transaction from 'Net' to 'Gross' automatically adjusts a check amount to reflect the wanted value.


For instance, if a check with the exact value of $1000 is needed for an employee, the application can automatically consider what deductions (taxes, FICA, etc.) will be taken out of the check to arrive at exactly $1000, then increase the gross value of the check to arrive at $1000 net.


In the example below, a check for exactly $1000 is needed. That value is added into the Net Pay field and the application calculates that the Gross Pay will amount to $1385.54 to account for $385.54 worth of deductions detailed below.






Changing a transaction from 'Net' to 'Gross' must happen BEFORE the transaction is associated with a Time Entry batch.



Config Option


The config option txn_GenerateNetToGross must be activated to allow a payroll administrator to apply a Net to Gross adjustment.



Apply a 'Net to Gross' Adjustment

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Back Office > Time Entry

  2. Select an Accounting Period.


  3. Click Sheet View on the sub-menu to display a list of all the employees in the accounting period. Search for the specific employee that will receive the adjusted check.

  4. From Sheet View, double-click on the employee's row. The Card View of the transaction displays.


  5. While in Card View, click the Actions menu.

  6. Select "Net To Gross". 


  7. The Generate Net To Gross window displays. In Net Pay, enter the amount of the check. 


  8. Select the Bank from which the check will be paid.

  9. Click Calculate Net To Gross

  10. Select a Transaction Type (Reg is default)

  11. Select Pay Units (e.g. hours)

  12. Check Bills Units equals Pay Units if the amount billed to a client will equal the amount of pay units applied to the transaction.

  13. Check Apply Net To Gross To Transaction

  14. Click Finish.

  15. The Time Entry Batch window displays.


Close the Time Entry Batch.

    1. Click Verify Batch
      1. If errors are generated, resolve them. 
      2. Verify again 

    2. Click Close Batch

    3. Click OK when prompted to close batch. 
    4. A check is now available for payroll processing.
      1. Continue with a standard payroll batch process. (Main Menu > Payroll article)


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