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Updated 06/22/2021


This article explains how to add a new Worker's Compensation claim per individual employee.




Add a Wc Claim

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Administration > Wc Claim

  2. Click New Wc Claim in the upper-right. The New Wc Claim window displays.


  3. Enter information according to these field definitions

    Area Field Description
    Employee lookup Variable (Name, SSN, Employee ID, etc.)

    Select the variable by which an employee will be searched.


    For example, to search for an employee by their name, select "Name" from the variable drop-down menu then type their first or last name into the adjacent space. Hit Enter on the keyboard to display a selection of all employees with the typed name.


    Select the employee making the worker's compensation claim. 

    Assignments Assignments drop-down menu

    After selecting an employee, that employee's assignments will be available for selection in the Assignments drop-down menu. Select the assignment associated with the worker's compensation claim. 

    When the Assignment is chosen, subsequent values relating to the assignment will display.

    Customer Name Auto-populated according to the selected assignment, this is the name of the customer to whom the employee was assigned when the injury occurred.
    WcCode Auto-populated according to the selected assignment, this is the WcCode is associated with work type (Forklift, Food Processing, etc.) and configured in Admin Tools. Visit the Wc Code Tab article for details.
    Pay Rate Auto-populated according to the selected assignment, this is the pay rate paid to the employee when the injury occurred.
    Job Title Auto-populated according to the selected assignment, this is the job title the employee held when the injury occurred. 
    Start Date Auto-populated according to the selected assignment, this is the date the assignment began.
    Claim Claim Number Enter the unique claim number assigned to the claim case. 
    Claim Status Select the current status of the claim - Open or Closed - from the drop-down menu. 
    Claim Type

    Select the type of claim - Incident or Reportable - from the drop-down menu. The difference between Incident and Reportable is a matter of degrees. 

    In general, an incident is a minor injury that is not reported.

    In general, a reportable injury is one that should be reported as a worker's compensation claim.  

    Branch Name Select the name of the associated staffing branch from the drop-down menu. 
    Body Parts Injured Body Part

    Click the Body Part field to display a drop-down menu icon. 


    Select the body part the that was injured.

    Note Add a note to offer specifics about the body part such as "inside of worker's left-side elbow was cut"
    Accident Description Free-text field Describe the cause of the injury. E.g. - "While removing paper from the paper cutter in the supply room, the worker scraped their arm under the lever's blade causing a 2" - 3" cut on the inside of their elbow."
    Injury Injury Date From the drop-down menu, select the specific date of the injury.
    Injury Time Enter the exact time the injury occurred. 
    User Entered By From the drop-down menu, select the name of the user entering this information. By default, the drop-down menu will select the user signed into the Avionté application.

  4. Click Next>>. The Extra tab displays. The Extra tab is used to record further incidental information about the injury.

  5. Click the drop-down menu icon in the Label column. The Label menu displays.


  6. Select any item from the Label column. Press Tab to move the cursor to the adjacent Value field.

  7. Enter a value associated to the chosen label. For example, if it's important to note that the days of work were lost, select "# of lost days" from the Label column and enter the number of lost days in the same row of the Value column. 

  8. Press Tab on the keyboard. The label and its value now display in the grid above.


  9. Click Finish. The Wc Claim has been added to the employee record. 


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