Set a Skill Code as IsWebVisible


Updated 07/09/2021


The Shared By section lists all the branches in the organization.  When a branch has a check in the IsWebVisible column, the Skill Code will be made available to the Aero platform and Avionté web portals for that branch.




The process below describes how to set a skill code to IsWebVisible.

  1. Navigate to the Start page.

  2. Click the Actions menu.

  3. Select Admin Tools.

  4. Click System.

  5. Double-click Skill Code to open the Config Skill Code window.


  6. Search for the skill code by clicking in the SkillCode search field and enter the name of the skill in question.


  7. In the Shared By section, add a checkmark in the IsWebVisible column for each branch that requires access to that skill.


  8. Click Save.


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