Process Equipment Deduction Tracking


Updated 06/24/2021


  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Back Office > Time Entry > Home > Actions menu

  2. Select Process Equipment Deduction Tracking. The Process Equipment Deduction Tracking window displays. 

  3. Choose the mode of equipment tracking to process from the Choose Mode menu from the upper-left portion of the page. The options available in the menu are:

    Option Description
    Employee Deduction Used when funds are withheld form an employee to cover the cost of equipment.
    Employee Refund Used when funds are returned to an employee for the cost of equipment.
    Customer Credit Used to issue a credit to a customer for the cost of equipment.

    Once the mode of equipment tracking has been selected from the grid at the bottom of the page, the grid will be populated with the applicable data for the specified mode.

    Options for filtering the data in the grid can be selected from the field chooser in the upper-left corner of the grid. The options available in the field chooser can be viewed here.

  4. On the left side of the grid, check the box(es) of the equipment you want to create a time entry batch for. A tally of the number of records checked, and the sum of units included in the checked items, is displayed at the top of the window in the Selection Summary section.

  5. Click the Finish button to save data. A transaction message will display. 

  6. Click OK on the message to return to the Home item.

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