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A Payroll batch is a grouping of time entry records that have been selected to be processed to find out how much is owed to each employee for the hours worked. This includes deductions (equipment or agency) and check generation. 



Payroll Processing Interactive Course
Payroll Process Video
Create a Payroll Batch
Select Transaction
Process the Batch
Print the Checks (Paper and ACH/Direct Deposit)
Generate ACH File
Reprint Check Stubs


Payroll Processing Interactive Course

This interactive online course covers all things payroll, including the process to produce checks and paycheck corrections.



Payroll Process Video


Create a Payroll Batch

The New Batch icon is available on all of the Payroll sub-menu pages. The "New Batch" option creates a payroll process based on new (not previously processed) time accumulated within a stated date range. 

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Back Office > Payroll > Home
  2. Click New Batch to open the New Payroll Batch wizard.

    The new Payroll Batch wizard displays.
  3. Select the appropriate Accounting Period from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the effective Check Date of the payroll check by clicking the drop-down calendar menu.
  5. Select the Run Type for the batch:
    Field Description
    Check Run Cut paper or ACH/direct deposit checks for the time worked.
    Check Reverse Reverses a bad check allowing for cancellation or reissue.
    Check Reissue Reissues a previously cut check with any new modifications.
    Check Void Cancels a cut check completely.
    Clear APItems Removes pending Accounts Payable (AP) items such as child support from this pay period.
    Deduction Authority Pays out the pending payment from deductions withheld from this pay period.
    Subagency Pay Pays an agency for the use of an external employee on an assignment.
    Tax Authority Pay Pays tax agencies for the money withheld for a pay period. See Admin Tools: Tax Authority for more information.
  6. Select the Bank account that will be used to generate checks for that batch.
  7. Enter a Description for the batch (i.e "This payroll batch includes year-end bonuses"). This field is optional.
  8. Enter a message that will appear on each paystub. This field is optional.
  9. Optional checkbox selections:
    Option Description
    Make All Checks Live All paper checks in the batch will become “Live” checks regardless of the direct deposit or pay card set up on the payee’s record (often used when running a bonus payroll).
    Lock Printing Checks The user will be unable to print checks until the "Lock" option has been unchecked.
    Ignore Permanent Deduction Setup All checks in the batch will not take into account any deductions set up on the employee record.

    For example, if an employee has an expense reimbursement, their normal health care, child support, etc. deductions will not be deducted from the check.
  10. Click Finish.


Select Transaction

  1. From the Payroll > Home page > Actions buttons, click Select Transaction.

    The Payroll Selection window will open.
  2. Select the category by which the results will be grouped.
    Group Option Description
    Direct Deposit Group by employees receiving a direct deposit versus a paper check.
    User Group batches by users in Avionté.
    Branch Name Group by branch.
    Agency Name Group by the agency's name. 
    Deduction Type Group by the type of deduction.
    Worked Week Group by the week that was worked.

    Note: Transactions can be grouped further by selecting a column header in the grid and dragging it to the shaded blue grid header with the GroupByKey label.
  3. Select the desired transactions. There are three ways to mark transactions to be included in the batch: 
    Option Description
    Mark Individual boxes Selects and adds a few transactions to the batch.
    Select All This will select every transaction even if filtered out.
    Select Filtered Item Selects all transactions that are not filtered out, and are visible on the grid.
  4. Click the Save & Close button.


Process the Batch

  1. Click the Process button on the Payroll Home tab in the Payroll main tree item.
  2. A window that displays the summary of the batch including how many checks and the time it took to process will display. Click OK.
  3. If errors occurred during processing, they will appear on the Error and Warning tab located on the right of the window. This grid displays all errors and corresponding information. Resolve any errors and click Process on the Payroll > Home page.


Print the Checks (Paper and ACH/Direct Deposit)

If you are printing paper checks or doing ACH/Direct Deposit, these steps will need to be followed to process payroll.

  1. Click the Print Checks button. The Payment Print window will open.

  2. Set the Start Check Number to the number of the first check in the batch.
  3. Set the End Check Number to the number of the last check in the batch.
  4. Enter the total number of checks in the batch in the Check Count field.
  5. Ensure the "Sort Options" order is correct.
    To change the sort order, select the item that needs to be moved and then click the Green Arrow buttons to move the selected item up or down within the list.
    The item at the top of the list will be the primary method by which the checks are sorted. The second item in the list will be the secondary way that they are sorted.
    For example, if "Branch" is the first item in the sort order and "Employee Name" is the second item, then the checks will be sorted by "Branch" and then by "Employee Name" within that branch.
  6. Place a checkmark in the Flag Print Complete box to mark the batch as "printed." This will NOT print physical copies of the checks. Check this box if you are processing ACH/Direct Deposit.
  7. Place a checkmark in the Print Without Preview box if you do not want to view the checks before printing. Review the checks before printing.
  8. If no additional changes need to be made, click Print Checks.
    Note: No additional changes can be made once the checks have been printed.
  9. Once printing is complete a confirmation window will display that asks if the checks were printed correctly. Review the checks to ensure that there were no printing errors.
  10. Click Yes to post the payroll, or No to reprint the checks.
    Selection Resulting Action
    Yes The payroll batch is posted. No further action is required.

    Note: If you have chosen to email the paystubs, they will be emailed when clicking Yes. For more information on emailing paystubs, see Email Paycheck Stub.
    No The user will be guided through reprinting the checks.


Generate ACH File

To generate the ACH File for Direct Deposit checks:

  1. Navigate to Weekly Process > Export/Import side tab.
  2. In the Select Feed drop-down, select Generate ACH
  3. Select a Payment Bank. The feed will produce an ACH file for all paychecks from this bank.
  4. Select the current, open accounting period from the Accounting Period drop-down menu.
  5. Choose a file path to which the ACH file will be saved. 
  6. Select Process Feed.
  7. A confirmation should appear stating the ACH file has been generated successfully.  Click OK to close the window.
    If any errors occur, a different window will appear, and clicking Yes will bring you to the Errors tab to review and resolve issues. Once issues are fixed, you will need to process the file again.


Reprint Check Stubs

Check stubs can be reprinted, by generating them in PDF format.

  1. Navigate to Employee > Pay History > Pay History tab.

  2. Click Actions > Refresh to ensure the most recent history is displayed.
  3. Select the checks which you would like reprinted by checking the boxes in the column Select.

  4. Click Options > Print Paycheck Stubs.

  5. A PDF report is generated by the system in a browser window.

A separate report will be generated for each pay stub that was selected.

If you desire to combine all of the selected pay stubs into one report, set the Config Option MergeSelectedPaychecksForPrinting to True for the suppliers where the paychecks are, where you would like to do this. For details see the article Config Option - MergeSelectedPaychecksForPrinting – Avionte Classic.
Printing Paycheck Stubs with this option active will generate one report with all of the paycheck stubs included.


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