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The Avionté interface includes several functional and interactive parts as shown in the example of the main application window below. The horizontal panel and vertical panels are visible in certain cases, and at times do not appear, based upon the activity being performed. Each part of the window is identified below with links to additional information when needed. 

Preferences Includes the View and Styles menu options.
  • Under the View option, set viewing preferences for counters, branches, grid and chart preferences, and refresh settings as they are changed.
  • Under the Styles option, set preferences for an interface style.
Title Bar Displays the name of the section that is currently active in the application.
Logo The Avionté logo. Clicking the logo opens the Avionté company website.
Search Bar Used extensively throughout the application, the search bar is used to find the information related to the active section. See How to use Search for more information. Each of the main menu and submenu sections also include information on using search within that section.
Main Tree The main-tree includes the sections used to perform staffing tasks within Avionté. The sections available will vary, based upon the particular tasks performed in Avionté, which will be configured by your Avionté administrator. When a main-tree section is selected, the Sub-tree items, search options, and panels to the right change accordingly.
Sub Tree The sub-tree is a set of additional menu options that change based upon the main-tree section selected. Each of the sub-tree items available is also configured by your Avionté administrator. When selecting a particular sub-tree item, the center panel, horizontal, and vertical panels change accordingly, as well as the search options.
Center Panel The center panel displays the forms (tabs) and grids that appear when performing activities in Avionté. This is the area of the window where work is performed.
Vertical Panels The vertical panels frequently appear to display additional information related to current activity. The display of the panels is configurable. For more information, see Vertical Panels.
Horizontal Panels The horizontal panels frequently appear, to display additional information related to current activity. Typically, the horizontal panels contain items that require more horizontal space to display the content, such as emails, messages, and assignments. For more information, see Horizontal Panels.
Navigation Bars The options here provide navigation between windows that appear in addition to the Avionte main window:
  • Main Menu: Choose this option to return to the Avionté main window when another option has been selected below.
  • Calendar: Displays a calendar of schedules as defined in Avionté. Click About the Calendar feature for more information.
  • Tasks: Displays the Task window. Go here to view tasks, as well as create and edit tasks. Click About Tasks for more information.
  • Outlook: If Outlook is integrated with Avionté at, this option appears. Click Integrated Outlook (Deprecated) for more information.



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