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The video below describes how to set up a time clock on an Avionté portal. 


Data Gathering

Specific data will need to be entered into a number of fields during the process. A worksheet designed for data-gathering is attached to the bottom of this article. It is recommended to gather relevant data before beginning the time clock setup process. 

Setup Process

  1. Navigate to Customer > Search and find the root customer record that wants the time clock.
    Note: The Use Time Clock Option and the Web Option Button only appear on the root customer.
  2. Navigate to Customer > Sales & Service > Service Info Tab and check the  Use Time Clock box.

  3. Log into the Admin Portal

  4. Click on the TimeClock section

  5. Select TimeClock Setup from the menu on the left.

  6. Click New Time Clock.

  7. A "Time Clock -- Webpage Dialog" window will display. Select the root customer from the Root Customer drop-down menu.

  8. Add a familiar name for the time clock into the Description field. e.g. - Warehouse Time Clock.

  9. Select Is Active.

  10. Click Add.

  11. Select Punch Sequence Setup from the menu on the left.

  12. From the Root Customer drop-down menu, select the root customer chosen in Step 7.  

  13. From the TimeClock drop-down menu, select the name of the Time Clock you created.

  14. From the Punch Type section, select the configuration for the time clock. This configuration will dictate when an employee is required to use the time clock. 

  15. Select Update.

  16. Select User Setup from the menu on the left.

  17. Click Add New User

  18. A Time Clock User window will display. Enter a user name into the User Name field. 

  19. Enter a description of the user (usually an employee role) into the User Description field.

  20. In the Select column, place a check mark in the box next to each time clock to which the user will have access. The check boxes correspond to all available time clocks for Root Customers.

  21. Select Add.
    Note: The user has been created and a password "avionte" has been auto-generated for the user. In version 15.2 and newer, the password is "Avionte123!". In versions prior to 15.2, the password is "avionte". The user will be prompted to change passwords at the next login. 

    Note: The IP Setup configuration on the left-hand menu contains default values It is recommended to skip the IP Setup configuration or contact Avionté Support Services to change the default IP setup configuration.
  22. Select Work Address Setup from the menu on the left.

  23. From the Root Customer drop-down menu, select the root customer chosen in Step 7.  

  24. From the TimeClock drop-down menu, select the name of the Time Clock you created.

  25. Place a check mark next to each work site to which the time clock will be available.
    Note: Employees must be included on an Active Assignment that is associated with an order's work site to use a time clock at each selected work site. 

  26. Select Property Setup from the menu on the left. The Welcome Admin page will display.

  27. For basic setup, it is recommended to contact Avionte Support Services for configuration.

    Advanced users may refer to the Time Clock Properties section below and enter data into the Value column for the following required properties:


  28. Select Update to save additions.

  29. Test the time clock configuration.
    1. Employee Portal Time Entry 



Time Clock Properties

web_TimeClock_No_IPAddress - The note that shows up when the Time Clock portal is accessed from unauthorized ip address.​

DefaultCheckOutMinutes - When employee logs in to time clock if the minutes have exceeded the value for that day from thier first login (sequence order 1). It will create a new time entry for this login and flag the old time entry with a status of exception.

DefaultBreakMinutes - If time clock is setup for 4 punches and if an employee does not clock in the break in hours within the value then the system will give a default break in time based on value.​

RoundingDirection - Not in Use

RoundingMinutes - Not in Use

UpdateWebTimeSP - Not in Use

SearchEmployeeSP - Sproc (stored procedure) that defines how to search if they are not able to punch into the time clock 
Standard Options
InputMaxLength - The amount of characters allowed on the Employee Id Screen
InputNote - Text on the Employee ID Screen
GetTimeClockPunchTimeToModify - Sproc enabling insert into the Web Transaction Tables ​
Standard Options
CheckIPAddress - Verify the IP check is turned on to allow the employee is able to punch in.

HoursDifferent - Adjust how time is inserted into the web tables and appears on the time clock for time zone.

- Text that appears when the employee ID cannot be found

- Text that appears when the Time Clock User has multiple time clocks associated with him

- Config Choice ID for the image to load on the time clock

​ - Allow the employee to change the time clock punch type when they punch in

web_TimeClock_EmptyStatusID - 

web_TimeClock_CloseStatusID  - 

web_TimeClock_ExceptionStatusID -   

- Transaction Type used for inserting in web time on the web transaction tables

- If the user does not submit within the configured amount of time, the Time Clock will automatically go back to the ID Input page. Setting the property to 0 will disable the timeout behavior.​

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