Admin Portal - Add a Time Clock User


Updated 06/25/2021


Time clock users are individuals set up to have credentials for logging into and starting up a time clock.

  1. Log into the Admin portal.

  2. Click TimeClock in the horizontal main menu bar. The TimeClock page appears.

  3. Click User Setup in the left-hand menu panel. The TimeClock WebUser Setup panel appears.

  4. To add a time clock user, click Add New User. The Time Clock User window appears.

  5. Enter the user's name in the User Name field. 
    Note: This is a generic login, not user-specific, for access to the Time Clock. Spaces are allowed, but are not recommended. 

  6. Enter additional descriptive information in the User Description field.

  7. Click the Select checkbox that coincides with the time clocks to which this user login can be used.

  8. Click Add to save changes.
    Note: The password is automatically created, and will be changed on the first login.


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