Deductions Not Calculating as Expected


Updated 07/01/2021




Paycheck deductions (e.g. child support) are not calculating as expected.



The issue may be due to a deduction already being made on a previous check or pay period limits may be restricting deduction quantity.



Deduction Already Made on a Previous Paycheck

A deduction may not be calculating as expected because the employee already had a previous check issued for the same work week and deductions were subtracted from that check.

Navigate to Employee > History > Pay History to verify an employee's check deductions. In the example shown, a deduction was taken from check #75607 and attempted again on check #76235.



The second deduction was not processed because it had already been deducted from the first check in a processed payroll batch. 


A check can be voided, reversed, or reissued by navigating to Back Office > Paycheck > Actions menu in the Avionté application. Visit these related articles for specific details:

Void Paycheck

Reverse Paychecks

Reissue Paychecks



Pay Period Limits Restricting Deductions

A deduction may not be calculating as expected because pay period limits are restricting the deduction amount.

Pay period limits are used to manage the dollar amount that can be deducted from a paycheck. In the example shown, the "Apply Limits" option has been checked for this employee with a deduction value not to exceed $37.66 per pay period. 


To apply a limit and adjust a limit value, navigate to Employee > Payroll > Deduction in the Avionté application.

Visit the Employee Payroll - Deduction article for details. 


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