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Updated 06/24/2021


The Clear Paychecks feature is used to clear multiple paychecks at a time. 



Clear Paychecks Configuration

The AllowMassPaycheckClear property determines whether users can clear multiple checks at a time. The table below describes the setting's properties.

AllowMassPaycheckClear properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > User > User_UserSetting
Default: False
Valid values: True: The Clear Paychecks button is available in the Paycheck grid search options, which allows users to clear multiple checks at a time.
False: The Clear Paychecks option does not show up in the Search Option window.
Where the setting is reflected... Paycheck section: Search options on the Paycheck grid.



Update the AllowMassPaycheckClear Config Option

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to the Actions menu

  2. Select Admin Tools. The Admin Tool Main window displays.

  3. Under Category, choose System. Under Select, double-click Config Option. The System | Config Option window opens.

  4. Click the Config Option by FKName tab.

  5. In the ConfigOptionType field, enter "User" to search for the option type.

  6. From the search results, select "User-UserSetting."

  7. Under the Property column, type "allowmasspaycheck." The AllowMassPaycheckClear config option will appear in the grid.

  8. Click on the AllowMassPaycheckClear config option in the grid. 

  9. On the right side of the screen, select the user or group to be updated.

  10. Set the config option to "True."

  11. Restart the Avionté core application for the changes to take effect. 



Clear Paychecks Process

Paychecks can be cleared in a group or individually. To clear a single paycheck, see the Clearing Single Paychecks section below. If multiple checks need to be cleared, see the Clearing Multiple Paychecks section below. 

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