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This interactive course walks through the basics Time Entry process as well as the available Actions users can take on transactions to account for necessary adjustments. 





Standard Time Entry
Setup and Configuration
Manually Entering Time
Entering Time in Card View
Entering Time in Sheet View
Entering Time in Split View
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Standard Time Entry

Manual time entry in the Core Application allows users to enter time for assignments directly into the Time Entry section for future payroll processing. This done through the following sections:



Section Name Section Description Section Usage
Card View  Displays detailed information about all assignments in a Time Entry batch  The top and middle portions of the Card View item are segmented into tabs that display and record various types of data. The bottom portion of the window allows for sorting pertinent data.
Sheet View  Displays information regarding a specific assignment in a simplified user interface  View all active assignments in the system and manually submit time after creating a batch.
Split View  Displays information about a specific assignment broken  out by daily transactions  View and manually enter time on a daily basis for a specific assignment, or use Instant Pay to skip the payroll process and generate a check immediately.

For a more detailed description of these sections, view their individual pages in the Time Entry section. 

Avionté also offers these similar features:


Setup and Configuration

Prior to manually entering time, the following requirements must be met:

  • Assignment Creation: An assignment must have been created and an applicant placed.
  • Transaction Type Creation: All transaction types that will be included in payroll (equipment deductions, mileage, hours, OT plans) must be configured for, and on the assignment.
Note: Required and related configurations can be found at the bottom of this page. 



Manually Entering Time

The following is a description of basic time entry using the Card view section of Time entry in the Care Application.
Note: The actual time entry process may vary do to section availability and permission in a system. Check with your system administrator for more information. 

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