Invoice Troubleshooting - Adding PO# after Batch Close


Updated 06/24/2021


For information on how to correct invoices, see Invoice Corrections - Recalculate Sales Tax and Invoice Correction.



The PO# needs to be entered on the invoice, but the batch has been closed.



To add a PO# to a completed invoice, you will need to complete an invoice correction.

  1. Ensure the customer has the PO# listed in their Order Options sub-tree by navigating to Customer > Order Option > PO tab

  2. If a PO# is listed, proceed to Step 3. If a PO# has not been entered, either click Create New PONumber or click the blue arrow under "Edit." For more information on these fields, see the PO tab paragraph in Customer Order Options.

  3. Ensure that the customer has the PO# listed as a display item on their invoice by navigating to Customer > BackOffice Setup > Billing Setup

  4. Under the "Display Items" drop-down menu, make sure that there is a checkmark in the box next to "PO#." 

  5. Press the Tab button on the keyboard to save the information.

  6. Navigate to Back Office > Invoice

  7. Search for and select the invoice that needs to be corrected.

  8. Click Invoice Correction from either the "Shortcuts" or the Actions drop-down menu. The "Invoice Correction" wizard displays.

  9. In the "Invoice Correction" wizard, click on the Transaction tab. 

  10. Select the correct PO Number from the drop-down menu. This number will appear on the invoice.
    Note: Any updates made on this tab could potentially affect General Ledger and Workers' Compensation costs.

  11. Click Finish to process any corrections and recalculate sales tax.


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