Payroll Process Overview

This topic provides an overview of a typical payroll process at a staffing company. Your site's process may differ slightly. Before you can complete the steps in this process, all setup must be complete. 


Initial Configuration

This topic presents an overview of the processes to initially configure payroll. Each section below contains links that will take you to the details for each of the different processes for configuration.


Once these configurations are complete, you can set up and assign payroll options for an employee.



Create a Payroll Batch for Check Run

  • Create a new Payroll Batch.
    • Verify check date.
    • Set run type to Check Run.
    • Select Transactions



Process payroll

  • Fix or approve any errors.
  • Edit tax or deductions if applicable.



Modify payroll batch

Make any changes if necessary:
  • Discard the batch.
  • Go to the transaction in Time Entry and update.
  • Verify and close the time entry batch.
  • Return to payroll and open new batch.



Run reports for check date

Run the available reports and check the information generated:
  • Check Register.
  • Payroll liability.
  • Cash Requirements.
  • Other payroll reports as needed.



Print checks

Navigate to the Check Subsection
  • Verify the check number.
  • Select sort options - first priority on top.
  • Click Print checks.
  • Review preview or bypass by clicking No Check Preview
  • Click printer icon.



Verify printed checks

If checks did not print correctly:
  • Click No.
  • Go back to printing checks and follow the process.

Once checks print correctly, choose Yes and the batch is automatically posted.



Post other batches

  • Follow the above work flow for run types of:
    • Print/send deduction authority checks
      • After payroll is complete, create new payroll batch with deduction authority.
      • Process, print, and post checks.
      • Print deduction submittal report
        • Garnishment authority
        • Deduction authority check detail
        • Print and send sub-agency checks
    • After payroll is complete, create batch with type sub-agency
    • Process, print, and post checks
    • Print agency and sub-agency detail report
  • Post any other batches that need to be processed.



Generate and upload ACH file

  • Go to Weekly Process and choose Import/Export.
  • ACH file is created for upload to the bank.



Prerequisites for the payroll process

  • Necessary transaction types have been configured.
  • Employee's payroll setup, including accruals, taxes, deductions, and direct deposit, is complete. 
  • Employee's time has been entered for the payroll period. 



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