Weekly Process - Reset ACH/PosiPay

The Reset ACH/PosiPay actions menu item in the Weekly Process section allows a user to reset any incorrect ACH or PosiPay files. 

When resetting an ACH file, if Prenote Dates are entered, it will now reset the Prenote Date as well.


Setup Information

Users must have the User type config option wkl_ResetACHOrPosipay marked as Active in order to view and use the Weekly Process Actions Menu item Reset ACH/PosiPay.

ACH or PosiPay file(s) have to be generated in order to utilize the Reset ACH/PosiPay Actions menu item. 





Users can reset ACH or PosiPay files that contain incorrect information through the Reset ACH/PosiPay action. 

Note: ACH files must be present for the selected accounting period prior to attempting to reset the incorrect files. 
  1. Navigate to Back Office > Weekly Process. 

  2. Select the desired Accounting Period

  3. Select Reset ACH/PosiPay from the Actions menu or the shortcut button if applicable. The Reset ACH/PosiPay Files window will display.

    Column Name Description
    FileType Displays the file type of ACH or PosiPay.
    BankName Displays the bank associated with the file.
    GeneratedDate Displays the date the file was created.
    PaymentBatches Displays the BatchIDs of the payment batches contained in the file.
    Select A checkbox used to select the files to be reset.
  4. Select the incorrect ACH files in the grid by marking the Select check box. 
    Note: If there are no files selected, the Reset button will be displayed, but will be grayed-out and not usable.
  5. Click Reset. A confirmation window will display.

  6. Click Yes. A message will display containing the files successfully cleared.

    Note: If there are no files available to reset, the Reset button will still be displayed, but will be grayed-out and not usable.
  7. Click Close
Note: When the Prenote Send Date and Prenote Approve Date are blank, a prenote will be generated.



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