Revised I-9 Summary & Configuration - AERO (Adobe Sign)

This article summarizes the new Form I-9 changes & how activate the new I-9 in AviontéAERO.

Revision Summary

The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) made changes to the I-9, a summary of some notable changes is below. This list is not comprehensive, please reference the I-9 instructions found here: I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification ( 

Section 1 

All employees must provide their current legal name, complete address, and date of birth. If other fields do not apply, the employee will leave them blank on the form. 

Providing a 9-digit Social Security number in the Social Security number field is voluntary, unless the employer participates in E-Verify; it is important that you instruct the employee to fill out the SSN (Social Security Number), if this applies. 

N/A option

N/A is no longer required on the new I-9. The only N/A that remains is on A noncitizen (other than Item Numbers 2. and 3. above) authorized to work: you either enter the expiration date of the employees document or N/A.

Section 2 

We have added “Please select option below” in the fields that have multiple selections. As the employer, you must ensure the proper List A, B or C document is captured on the form by clicking on the drop down and selecting the appropriate document, and issuing authority and expiration date, if applicable. 

sec 2 DD.png

Alternative procedure 

 A new box is listed on the I-9, as an alternative procedure for remote verification. Please refer to the USCIS website to determine if you are permitted to utilize this alternative procedure: Remote Examination of Documents (Optional Alternative Procedure to Physical Document Examination) | USCIS 

alt procedure.png


  1. Navigate to Admin, and click on Talent Module Settings.

    aero i9 1.png

  2. Select Onboarding within Talent Module Settings.

    aero i9 2.png

  3. Locate the template named Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023 V2)

    • The Template type is I-9.
    • For the I-9 with Preparer template locate the Form I-9 with Preparer (Rev 08-01-2023 V2) in the dropdown.
    • Select review by employer required.
    • Select Documents remain visible after completion if desired.
    • Assign template permissions.
    • Click Save.
    • Activate the form by changing the toggle to On.


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